Redefine Your Space with Interior Design & Decoration

With 18 years spent transforming many homes, we have made a lot of people very happy. The greatest compliment is to be invited to their new home to consult on their interior design and furnishings and create a beautiful new space to live in.

Create Expectations has a team of qualified interior designers with a broad variety of styles and skill sets. Whether your love is for Danish Modern, edgy contemporary, classic or luxe we have the designer to work with you to realise your vision.

Every house is individual. Every owner is invested in their property. At Create Expectations we approach each job with sensitivity, creativity and passion, sourcing quality furnishings to create a beautiful and unique home.

Interior Design & Decoration Services


Interior decoration is a core fundamental of professional interior design. A well-decorated room will breathe new life and character into a space as well as provide owners and guests a functional space to live, entertain and be entertained. As interior decorators in Melbourne, we source an eclectic range of furnishings, fabrics, colour palettes and accessories to perfectly capture the needs and desires of our Melbourne clientele.


Create Expectations is an interior design firm in Melbourne that works to improve the lifestyle of clients through stylish, functional home design. We combine beautifully-curated timeless style and contemporary interior design principles to produce stunningly tailored, detail-oriented spaces. Our interior stylists take a consultative approach; collaborating with the client to ensure that the personal identity of the individual is maintained throughout all elements of the property.

Kim Hallis - Interior Design

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